T.T.C. Course



Capsule Academy has for the last 30 years been a part of English education and teaching to many students who have successfully reached their goals of academic achievements and immigrating to countries like Australia and Canada and many other countries to continue in their educational fields and livelihood.

At the same time 5 years ago we started an English site with the same name having virtual classes and has been functioning as a successful part of this organization all over the country and functioning in many social networks to help interested people to become familiar with the language.

Many companies and organizations whose members are joining our classes to gain the ability in speaking English.

Hundreds of people have been a successful part that can testify on their abilities in communicating with everyone in English and the ability to attend classes without any problem.

Are you interested in co-operating with us in helping others to reach their goals? Are you an active person? Are you ready to teach a new method? Are you willing to be creative.

Good luck                                                                          


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